‘Creed III’ FAQ

Everything you ever wanted to know about the latest in the Creed franchise but were too afraid to ask.

Do people still watching boxing anymore?

No! I can count all the active boxers I know on zero hands. Wait — is Jose Canelo still fighting? He is? But his name is Canelo Álvarez? I can count all the current boxers I know on half a finger.

Are there any real boxers in the movie?

Yes, Canelo Álvarez.

Why make a boxing movie if people don’t care about boxing?

Studios are legally required to release one every five years.

Who’s in this movie?

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but it’s not Nick Cannon.

I asked my wife to see this movie with me and she said, “All I can think about is how he manages all those kids.” To which I replied: “Are you thinking of Nick Cannon?” For the record, the Drumline star has gone a full 12 rounds with paternity and is not Michael B. Jordan.

Apparently, the Jordan-Cannon mixup is common, on par with Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard or Oscar the Grouch and Steve Bannon.

Aside from Jordan, Tessa Thompson and Phylicia Rashad co-star as the titular Creed’s wife and adopted mother. Jonathan Majors features as the main opponent.

Jonathan Majors. Where have I heard that name?

I can’t imagine. He’s pretty under the radar.

Can I watch this movie with a friend?

Yes! Though I would suggest not bringing a friend who has been behind bars for the past 18 years, watching as you earn everything he ever wanted, waiting for his chance to take it from you. Maybe just take your mom; she’ll like it and buy you pie afterwards.

Who directed Creed III?

Michael B. Jordan in his directorial debut.

How did he do?

Do you like anime?

I guess.

He did great! No, seriously. The movie has style, stakes, and gets in and out in under two hours.

Do I need to watch Creed II beforehand?

There was a Creed II?

Where does this film rank among others in the Rocky franchise?

The original Rocky is elite, as is the first Creed. There’s no Clubber Lang or Drago, but Majors has more acting chops than Mr. T and Dolph Lundgren combined. Maybe third?

How does this movie handle Sylvester Stallone?


Does this film wrap up the franchise?

Let me check the box office receipts. $150 million? Get ready for the Amara Creed series starring Zendaya.

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